Course Detail: FLFLCP - Successful Supervisor Certificate

Front-line leaders get the job done with and through people at the level of the individual contributor.  The challenges are real,persistent, and significant - these leaders must rely on their skills in real time to hold people accountable, inspire commitment, solve problems, manage change, influence outcomes, and never stop learning. This program is designed specifically for working managers, team leads, and first-line supervisors who function at a level where leadership meets the work.  Because hands-on learning gets great results,the learning experiences are high-energy and very practical.  Participants learn from each other while exploring new ideas and practicing the essential tools to be successful in their challenging environments.  They experience the process of becoming a great leader as they engage with the learning activities.


The University of Louisville Front-Line Leader Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of all program requirements:

        Workshop series(6 days)

        Learning checks

        On-the-job application assignments

        Active simulations

        Personalized portfolio of leadership solutions


A series of six (6) workshops will be delivered to participants bi-weekly beginning March 2020. A closing session will bring program participants and their leaders together to round out the program and celebrate success.

Available Sessions