Course: SQL for Business Analytics

This course promotes knowledge of SQL and relational databases. These are essential skills for understanding the underlying data architecture of modern software applications, including sales, CRM, HR, and AI systems. Database design and management is traditionally a core MIS function. However, expertise in data architecture, design, and management can also be found in computer engineering and software engineering departments. The intended audience for this micro credential is business professionals and data analysts that want to gain basic SQL proficiency for tasks on business side. It does not cover database design based on software development perspective.
SQL for Business Analytics microcredential introduces you to content through modules. Content requires approximately 20 to 25 hours to complete. Learning assessment will be conducted through learning activities. To successfully complete the microcredential and earn a digital badge, you must achieve a minimum passing score of 75%. 

 Course Details:

Schedule: October 14, 2024 - December 13, 2024 - Self-paced online/asynchronous course.
Registration opening soon.

Additional Information:

SQL for Business Analytics is a Microcredential