Course: Fundamentals of Data Analytics in Business

Become a data-savvy professional. In this badge, we will develop the most fundamental skills in data analytics, including data collection from websites and databases, data wrangling & ETL (extract-transform-load), visualization, and business intelligence. We will start with Python Bootcamp and learn how to read, process, and export data using Python language. Then, we will learn how to capture data from websites and databases and transform the raw data using data wrangling and ETL techniques for further analysis. We will also explore fundamental data visualization and business intelligence techniques to answer business questions.

Fundamentals of Data Analytics in Business microcredential introduces you to content through modules.  Content requires approximately 20 to 25 hours to complete.  Learning assessment will be conducted through learning activities.  To successfully complete the microcredential and earn a digital badge, you must achieve a minimum passing score of 75%.

 Course Details:

Schedule: 10/14/2024-12/13/2024 - Self-paced online/asynchronous course.
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Refunds are not available for this program