Courses: An Operating Return Approach to Creating Value: I. Financial Statement Analysis

The most common analysis metric used in business today is return on equity (ROE). While ROE is a powerful metric, it includes income and losses from both operating and nonoperating activities when, in fact, companies create value mainly through the core operations of the business. In recognition of that premise, this micro-course examines a variety of topics and concepts aimed at evaluating the profitability of a business from an operating perspective.

Topics covered in this course are:
  • Return on equity (ROE)
  • ROE disaggregation: DuPont analysis
  • ROE: An operating approach
  • Balance sheet analysis with an operating focus
  • Income statement analysis with an operating focus
  • Return on net operating assets (RNOA)
  • RNOA disaggregation

 Course Details:

Schedule: January 16-March 8, 2024
Registration : $399.00


Online Global Campus Noncredit Course
via: Canvas-Pro
Manhattan, KS 66506
Online Global Campus Noncredit Course

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