Course: Tableau for Business Intelligence

Tableau is a widely used software environment that provides business analysts with tools for sharing actionable insights with decision makers. Tableau enables analysts to acquire, filter, and transform data into a variety of high-level visualizations used for business intelligence. Tableau insights often are structured into interactive dashboards permitting further data exploration and communication. The general business-related skills covered by this course include fundamentals of data transformation, focusing data, data organization, date calculations, measures, views, geographic visualizations, aggregations, joins, subsets, geo coding, distributions, forecasting, and more. This course assumes no incoming Tableau knowledge as it moves learners from fundamental business data analytics skills into immediately applicable business intelligence acumen. Prerequisites include prior understanding of software and having a fundamental knowledge of spreadsheets.  An instructor is available for additional help and interaction.  For course questions, please contact Roger McHaney at

All coursework is completed in Tableau Desktop Software and requires a PC or Mac capable of installing and running this environment.  Details:   Participants download the free student software for use in this course.

Tableau for Business Intelligence microcredential introduces you to content through modules.  Content requires approximately 20 to 25 hours to complete.  Learning assessment will be conducted through learning activities.  To successfully complete the microcredential and earn a digital badge, you must achieve a minimum passing score of 75%.

 Course Details:

Schedule: Self-paced online/asynchronous course. Course must be completed within 90 days of registration.
Cost : $399.00

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Refunds are not available for this program