Course: Introduction to Strategic Innovation

This microcredential will explore the importance of innovation for a firm's competitive success and the advancement of society in general, introduce some of the risks and costs of innovation, and look at why firms are much more likely to be successful if they have a well-crafted strategy for innovation. Specifically, we will look at likely sources of innovation, how innovations are frequently categorized, and why some innovations are more successful than others.

Introduction to Strategic Innovation microcredential introduces you to content through modules.  Content requires approximately 20 to 25 hours to complete.  Learning assessment will be conducted through learning activities.  To successfully complete the microcredential and earn a digital badge, you must achieve a minimum passing score of 75%.

 Course Details:

Schedule: 8/19/2024-10/11/2024 - Self-paced online/asynchronous course.
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Refunds are not available for this program