Course: Introduction to Intrapreneurship

This course provides the following skills: 
  • Understand the reasons why organizations may need to change and grow.
  • Identify how organizational members attain different types of entrepreneurial insight.
  • Understand how an idea/innovation is assessed within the organization for potential value.
Basic learning objectives in this course:
  1. Be able to explain the primary reasons why existing organizations may need to grow and change.
  2. Be able to explain how organizational members activate and use entrepreneurial insight.
  3. Be able to engage in induced and autonomous entrepreneurial cognition.
  4. Be able to assess the costs and benefits of potential innovations.
  5. Be able to recommend potential innovations for approval, disapproval, or improvement. 
  6. Be able to show how a potential innovation fits or advances the strategic goals of an organization.

Course Date(s)

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