Course Detail: STHG - Storybook Theatre: Hansel and Gretel | grades 1-12

Hansel and Gretel are like any brother and sister? they can't stand each other! But when their parents sign them up to be Adventure Scouts, they have no idea the adventure they are in for! Troop Leader Paul takes his ADventure Scouts on a camping trip and tells a scary story about Brunhilda the Witch and her house made of candy. Excited by the prospect of all that sugar, Hansel takes off into the forest after everyone has gone to sleep, and Gretel goes after him! Along the way, they meet some forest creatures and flowers that help them, but as they get deeper into the forest, they meet some of Brunhilda's creations. What will happen when they meet Brunhilda, and will they ever get back home again?

Auditions: Monday, 4:30-6:30pm. Some cast members will stay longer on audition night to start rehearsing (until 8:30pm). Parents should plan to stay until 5pm for program information. 

Rehearsals: Tue-Thurs, 4:30-8:45pm. There is a dinner break halfway through each rehearsal. Please pack a meal each day.

Performances: Friday, 7:30pm and Saturday, 11:00am. A third show may be added depending on the number of participants. 

Note: No refund will be given to any participant who auditions, receives a part, and then withdraws from the production.

 Session Information: YATSTHG01P24

Schedule: Mon-Sat May 13-18 | Please see course description for rehearsal and performance times.
Times: 04:30pm-08:45pm CDT
Fee : $89.00


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