Course Detail: SVSD - Seven Steps to Reverse or Prevent Diabesity

Diabesity is a condition in which too much belly fat leads a person to have symptoms ranging from mild blood sugar imbalance to full-blown diabetes. Whether you have a little extra weight around the middle, insulin resistance, or type 2 diabetes, the root cause of ALL these conditions is the same - problems with our diet and lifestyle, and exposure to environmental toxins. Most treatments focus on the downstream symptoms (elevated levels of glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides) and never get to why your levels are too high and how to change them. The good news is all of this can be reversed. Learn how to work with your doctor to help restore your body to health.

A few days before class, you will receive an email with the video conference link and instructor handout.

 Session Information: AHWSVSD01P24

Schedule: Monday Apr 29 | 1 session
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Times: 06:00pm-07:30pm CDT
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Janice Novak

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