Instructor: Tess Georgakopoulos

Tess Georgakopoulos
Biography: Tess Georgakopoulos has been cooking since she was roughly six years old -- well over forty years. Born into a Greek family, the art of cooking traditional meals using one's senses rather than recipes and measurements was passed on from one generation to the next. Her father was a trained chef who brought the magic of food to life in another form on the weekends as they cooked elaborate family meals together. Food prepared from the heart, with one's own hands and creativity, was, and continues to be, an expression of love in her home. As a skilled home-cook and baker, Tess enjoys creating original recipes for her family and friends. Sweet, savory, or doughy, she enjoys experimenting and creating in the kitchen daily.  

Pressure-cooking with a stovetop cooker has been a part of her culinary repertoire for over twenty-five years. Tess is creating new recipes and reinventing traditional ones using the Instant Pot that is taking her pressure-cooking to another level! She has recently started writing her first cookbook, and has food blog in the works.

Classes by this instructor

Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes, Rolls and Quick Slaw
Experience how to make BBQ Pulled Chicken in a fraction of the time and elevate the flavors to another level using the Instant Pot. The menu for this complete homemade meal is BBQ Pulled Chicken, Quick Homemade Potato Rolls (baked in the oven), a side of Twice-Baked Potatoes (prepared using the Instant Pot and oven), and a delicious quick slaw.
Saturday, February 12, 2022, Online Only
Detroit Style Pizza and Pizza Madness!
Turn your kitchen into a pizzeria! Our online chef will show you how to make your own pizza with homemade dough used in a variety of ways, including Detroit Style Pan Pizza with sauce, Baked Pizza Bombs, and Pizza Pinwheels. This is a great opportunity for family fun in the kitchen!
Saturday, April 9, 2022, Online Only
Instant Pot Gyros and Carnitas with Homemade Pita Bread
Discover the wonders of enjoying savory Greek and Latin American wraps throughout the year in a fraction of the time using an Instant Pot. Two dishes will be demonstrated during this class; choose one for cooking along, and watch a demonstration of the other. If you have two Instant Pots, make both!
Saturday, March 26, 2022, Online Only
Homemade Pierogies
Perfect your Pierogies during this virtual cook-along class! Start with homemade dough and filling that will make your taste buds dance for joy! You'll also discover how to freeze these little dumplings and store them for a rainy day.
Saturday, April 30, 2022, Online Only
Instant Pot Pastabilities
Lasagna, Creamy Broccoli-Cheddar Chicken with Pasta - OH MY! Discover deliciously nutritious pasta dishes using the Instant Pot. Two Instant Pot dishes will be created during this class. Choose one for your cook-along and watch a demonstration of the other. If you have two Instant Pots, make both!
Saturday, May 14, 2022, Online Only
Instant Pot Classic Chili, Loaded Baked Potato Soup and Rolls
Grab your Instant Pot and learn how to master flavorful Classic Chili and delicious Loaded Baked Potato Soup in a fraction of time. Before class, choose one of the soups to prepare during the cook-along portion, then follow along as Tess creates homemade rolls to bake in the oven.
Saturday, February 5, 2022, Online Only
A Taste of the Mediterranean: Sheet Pan Oven-Roasted Lemon Chicken, Potatoes, Tzatziki and Greek Orzo Pasta Salad
Cook along with Tess to create a classic Greek meal served on tables of all Greek families around the world. On the menu: sheet pan oven-roasted lemon chicken, potatoes, and a side of Tzatziki (savory yogurt dip) and a Greek orzo pasta salad.
Saturday, March 12, 2022, Online Only
A Taste of the Mediterranean: Sizzling Mediterranean Skewers, Dips and Pita Bread
Wow and dazzle your family or guests with a full-flavored, mouth-watering Mediterranean meal! Spend two hours cooking along with Tess as she prepares two types of Mediterranean meat skewers (chicken souvlaki and beef/turkey kebabs), accompanied by Tzatziki (savory Greek yogurt dip), homemade hummus, and homemade pita bread. Finish off the fun-filled class by learning how to wrap, present and plate these delicious wonders with a Greek salad.
Saturday, February 26, 2022, Online Only