Course Detail: HTOW - Hips, Thighs and Otherwise

If you've noticed hip/thigh/butt spread, you are not alone. We have become a nation of professional sitters, causing lower body muscles to weaken and sag. In this workshop, you will learn Janice's famous "10 Minute Miracle Exercise" series to strengthen lower body muscles quickly and, in the process, increase metabolism and bone density. These exercises will help you decrease 2 inches off the saddlebag area in 2 weeks and trim inches off your lower body by getting rid of excess water weight. Learn breathing techniques to stimulate fat metabolism and acupressure points for lymph circulation and drainage. If you don't have the time/money/inclination to haul yourself to a gym several times a week, you will love these powerful and effective techniques. You will need a resistance band tied in a loop for the "10 Minute Miracle Exercise."

A few days before the class, you will receive an email with the information you need to access this online class.

Available Sessions

Tuesday, March 21, 2023, Online Only (4 seats (80%) remaining)