Course Detail: SWNG - Swing and Line Dancing for Middle Schoolers | grades 6-8

Bet you didn't think your great-grandparents probably had some of the most awesome dance moves ever! If they were swing dancers, they did, and now you can, too! Learn partner and solo moves that are not only fun and athletic, but will make everyone wish they could move like you. You'll also learn several popular line dances to go with country, hip hop and disco. Be the first out on the floor and show the rest how it's done!

Community Education is concerned about the health and safety of our participants and staff. We will be taking the following steps during this class to protect everyone:
  • - We will have a smaller number of participants in each class.
  • - Participants will be reminded to wash their hands before they enter the class area. 
  • - Hand sanitizer will be available. 
  • - Masks are required for children age 5+.
  • - To be compliant with ISD 728's COVID-19 guidelines, parents/guardians or siblings are not allowed to wait in district buildings while their child attends a Community Education class/activity unless they are a registered participant (parent/child classes), or have been asked to stay due to safety reasons or as a requirement of the class. In those situations, only 1 parent/guardian is allowed. Parents can accompany their child inside the building and escort them to the classroom/gym. Parents are then required to exit the building and the instructor/coach will bring students to the exterior door for pickup ant the end of class.

Available Sessions