Course Detail: LVL2 - Level 2: Advanced Beginners | age 3+

The focus of this Level 2 swim class is horizontal motion. When swimmers put their faces in the water willingly, we can start teaching motion. We will focus on front and back float, front crawl, elementary backstroke, treading water, and sitting dives. 

Student must have passed Level 1 to participate OR meet the following prerequisites: 
  • -Bob underwater 10 times 
  • -Front float 7 seconds
  • -Front glide
  • -Front kicks 5 yards with kickboard or barbell 
  • -Front crawl (Scoops) 3 yards 
  • -Back float 10 seconds 
  • -Back glide 
  • -Back kicks 5 yards with kickboard or barbell 
  • -Elementary backstroke arms 3 yards (using any kick) 
  • -Tread water 5 seconds using arms and kicks 
  • -Front glide 2 yards rolling into a back float
  • -Back glide for 2 yards rolling into a front float

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