Course Detail: SGC-1101 - Foundations of Aviation Cybersecurity Leadership and Technical Management


A foundational course in aviation cybersecurityfor those with either a leadership (security / cybersecurity / safety) or technicalmanagement responsibility.  By the end ofthe five-day course, attendees will have actionable competencies that they willbe able to apply in their workplace. This course has core elements for all attendees as well as two days of splittracks between the leadership / technical levels.

Learning Objectives 

Upon successful completion of this course, participantswill:

1.      Understand how technologyunderpins all aviation systems and how they are connected;

a.      Safety, Security

b.      Airports, Air TrafficManagement, Aircraft, the Enterprise

2.      Understand theinterdependencies between aviation safety / security / cybersecurity

3.      Understand why and howadversaries attack such systems (using examples and working through attackphases*)

a.      Why examples

                                                              i.     Financial (Extortion,ransomware, etc)

                                                            ii.     Disruption (nation-state,terrorist, activist)

b.      How examples

                                                              i.     Vulnerabilities, Including theconcept of known and unknown (Zero-day vulnerabilities)

                                                            ii.     Email phishing

                                                          iii.     Insider threat

                                                          iv.     Wireless (Wifi, Bluetooth, RF)

4.      Be able to identify and scope cybersecuritycritical systems within aviation**

5.      Understand the regulatory andlegal considerations of aviation cybersecurity

6.      Understand the importance and valueof aviation cybersecurity culture

7.      Separate tracks - Understand conceptsand processes of aviation cybersecurity leadership / technical management

a.      Leadership Track (2 days)

                                                              i.     Cybersecurity Governance andoversight

                                                            ii.     Cybersecurity risk managementand assessment

                                                          iii.     Regulatory compliance /engagement

                                                          iv.     Managing supply chain risk(hardware, software, services)

                                                            v.     Information sharing

                                                          vi.     Staff awareness and training

                                                         vii.     Organisational resilience andincident response

b.      Technical Track (2 days)

                                                              i.     Identity and Access Management

1.      Verification, authentication,authorisation

2.      Device management

3.      Privileged User Management 

                                                            ii.     Data Security

1.           StoredData

2.           Datain transit

                                                          iii.     System Security

1.           Secureby Design

2.           SecureConfiguration

3.           Securemanagement

4.           VulnerabilityManagement

                                                          iv.     Resilient Networks and Systems

1.           ResiliencePreparation

2.           Designfor Resilience

3.           Backups

8.      Final day / module (bothtracks) - Understand the value and elements of exercising and participate in thecourse table-top cybersecurity incident exercise on the final day.  This will use an aviation scenario and bothleadership and technical aspects that draw together all of the elements of thecourse, put into practice all of their learning and serve as an exemplar of howsuch exercises can be held.

ICAO Reference Material 

Annex 17, Doc 8973 and Doc 9985.

Who Should Attend

Mid-level management to C-level executives in airlines, airport operators, regulators, and air navigation service providers.

Available Sessions