Course Detail: SGC-1101 - Foundations of Aviation Cybersecurity Leadership and Technical Management [Online Synchronous]

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A foundational course in aviation cybersecurity for those with either a leadership background in security, cybersecurity, safety, or technical management responsibilities.  By the end of the 40-hours course, attendees will have actionable competencies they will be able to apply in their workplace. This course has core elements for all attendees, as well as 16 hours of split tracks between the Leadership or Technical levels.

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Who Should Attend

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  • Mid-level management to C-level executives at airlines
  • Airport operators
  • Regulatory Compliance personnel
  • Air Navigation Services personnel

Learning Objectives

To better understand the concepts and processes of aviation cybersecurity, participants can choose one of two tracks; either the Leadership track or Technical Management track based on their current job responsibilities or area of interest. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have an understanding of:

Both tracks: Modules 1-8

  • How technology underpins all aviation systems and how technology is connected
  • Interdependencies between aviation safety and cybersecurity
  • Why and how adversaries attack systems, using examples and working through attack phases
  • Identifying and scoping cybersecurity critical systems within aviation
  • Regulatory and legal considerations of aviation cybersecurity
  • The importance and value of aviation cybersecurity culture

Leadership Track: Modules 9-16

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  • Cybersecurity governance and oversight
  • Cybersecurity risk management and assessment
  • Managing supply chain risk
  • Information sharing
  • Staff awareness and training
  • Organizational resilience and incident response

Technical Track: Modules 17-24

  • Identity and access management
  • Data Security
  • System Security
  • Resilient networks and systems

Both tracks: Modules 25-28

Participants will gain an understanding of the value and elements of practical exercises by participating in the course Tabletop Cybersecurity Incident Exercise. This exercise uses an aviation-based scenario, combining both leadership and technical aspects of cybersecurity. The exercise brings together all the elements in the course and puts into practice the course learning outcomes. The Tabletop exercise also provides a real-world example of how such exercises are utilized as practical learning tools for any organization.


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ICAO Reference Material  

  • Annex 17 (Section 4.9)
  • ICAO Global Aviation Security Plan
  • ICAO Aviation Security Manual, Doc 8973
  • ICAO Aviation Cybersecurity Strategy
  • ICAO Cybersecurity Action Plan
  • Air Traffic Management Security Manual, Doc 9985

Course Information

This is a online synchronous instructor facilitated course with scheduled class times. A reliable internet connection is recommended. Printed certificates are emailed upon completion of the course.

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