Course Detail: EUR-2000 - Implementing an EASA/ICAO Safety Management Plan

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Virtual Seminar: 

Implementing an EASA/ICAO Safety Management Plan

If you are challenged by the European Union's Aviation Safety Management Systems Regulations and in need of someone to guide you through the regulatory labyrinth, consider this exciting opportunity:

The Embry-Riddle Europe Campus is pleased to announce the launch of a virtual Safety Management Systems (SMS) Seminar led by two top EASA/ICAO experts: Professor Jules Kneepkens, EASA's former Rulemaking Director and Simon Roberts, a retired Program Manager at the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority.

This Seminar is Designed for:

  • Managers on all levels engaged in SMS tasks or execution
  • National aviation authority staff involved in State Safety Plan and SMS oversight
  • Operators' flight safety officers and managers
  • Training captains and instructors with flight safety duties
  • Quality/compliance monitoring managers/team members in aviation organizations
  • Airport and airplane designers and aviation maintenance staff

Key Goals & Objectives:

  • Recognizing the role and responsibilities of ICAO and the State with regard to Safety management
  • Highlight the link between EU/EASA Regulations and ICAO 19 annexes and its amendments
  • Recognizing, identifying and understanding hazards and safety risks
  • Being able to mitigate safety risks by using suitable methods
  • Being able to assess, modify and tailor your current Safety Management System and Safety Management Manuals (including safety performance indicators, targets, safety objectives etc.)
  • After completion of this course attendees will have an understanding of the required safety management requirements at a State level and for aviation Service Providers. This will enable them to be able to critically review existing safety management system plans and make the required improvements.

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