Instructor: Kelly Garcia

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Classes by this instructor

Vocabulary: Not just for Language Arts Teachers
Reading in the content areas is extremely important. In this module, we will work on developing the essential knowledge and skills needed to facilitate vocabulary teaching and learning in content areas (math, science, social studies, physical education and health). The module will help participants learn strategies to help students in K-12 grades succeed in vocabulary learning and develop the ability to design and implement appropriate content area vocabulary instruction. Participants will be asked to create content area related vocabulary lesson plans that they can use in their classrooms.
June 6-30, 2021, Online Class, ECU
The Struggle is REAL: Strategies for Struggling Readers in grades K-8
Participants will explore best practices in literacy in order to best meet the needs of students that may not be making expected growth in the classroom. Participants will learn how to analyze reading behaviors and target instruction that will boost academic performance of low achieving students.
June 6-30, 2021, Online Class, ECU
Reading with a Pencil: Purposeful Annotation
Participants will explore how Purposeful Annotation can enhance reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Participants will learn what Purposeful Annotation is, why it is an important strategy to provide for all students, and how you can incorporate this best practice in your classroom.
June 6-30, 2021, Online Class, ECU
Fluency: It's Not Just About Pace!
Participants will explore what fluency is and how it impacts reading proficiency. They will learn the true definition of fluency and the criteria that defines a fluent reader, the developmental stages of a fluent reader, and how to develop and foster fluency in reading. Participants will also learn different ways that fluency can be assessed and methods that can be used for teaching for fluency and practicing fluency. Participants will have the opportunity to observe videos and explore websites with lesson ideas that they can use in their own classroom.
June 6-30, 2021, Online Class, ECU
WORD UP: Enhancing Vocabulary Instruction
Participants will focus enhancing vocabulary instruction in the classroom. Participants will learn how to identify appropriate vocabulary for instruction in a variety of texts. Many vocabulary activities and strategies for implementation will be given.
June 6-30, 2021, Online Class, ECU