Practical Communication Skills

This course can help you with clear speech, organizing your message effectively, being assertive instead of aggressive, listening effectively, and feeling comfortable speaking to a group.

Practical communication skills are those skills you need in everyday situations. Come join us for information, interaction, and practical skills that will help you navigate the everyday communication situations in your life.

No event of the 20th century had more impact than the personality of Adolf Hitler and the rise of Nazi Germany. The course objective is to look at Adolf Hitler's rise from the ranks of the unknown to a virtual demi-god in the Nazi state.
Tour the Arboretum Gardens which include Gardens and collections of herb gardens, container gardens, mixed borders, perennial borders, fire hydrant garden, landscape plants for wet sites, butterfly gardens and others to include turf grass plots.After your tour learn all about air layering. Air Layering is a method of propagating a plant by girdling or cutting part way into a stem or branch and packing the area with a moist medium, stimulating root formation so that the stem or branch can be removed and grown as an independent plant.
If you want to write your memoirs and don't know where to start, this class is a good place to begin. We will provide ideas and tips to get you started writing stories.
Join us for an educational and engaging visit to the UNC Coastal Studies Institute located on Roanoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Learn about the research, projects and educational programs of the UNC Coastal Studies Institute through in depth tours, hands-on activities and on the water experiences at the Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified state of the art research facility. For more information on the UNC Coastal Studies Institute, please visit:
This American folk instrument, which was born in the Appalachian Mountains in the early 1800's, can be played "by numbers," by the most experienced musician or someone with little to no musical background. The instrument sits on your lap and only has 3 or 4 strings (this is not a hammered dulcimer). While many people have purchased this instrument in their travels through the mountains, many do not have the resources to learn to play. This is your opportunity to get out and see what it sounds like.
The Lifelong Learning program is excited to once again host its bi-annual kickoff where attendees will have the chance to meet Lifelong Learning Instructors, Office of Continuing Studies Staff, partnering programs and many more. The catalog will be available for pickup, and attendees will have the opportunity to register for upcoming courses, special events and trips. Refreshments will be available. Seating is limited, so please register in advance.
There are no costumes, makeup, special lighting, or movement. For the audience it is like listening to a story on the radio. Like radio drama, much is left to the listener's imagination.
Our homes are a system that works like the body, where all parts interact together for a common purpose. In this interactive course, you will learn how your home's performance affects your comfort and your wallet, and how to calculate energy items throughout your home. Special information will be provided on building science-related issues for healthy living, such as the causes and remedies for wet crawl spaces.
Stocks may play a major roll as investors try to reach their long-term financial goals. This presentation shares basic information to help investors evaluate how this type of investment may fit into an overall strategy. Stocks: The Nuts and Bolts looks at common versus preferred stock, dividends, investment strategy, and different ways to own stock.
This four-part discussion series provides participants an opportunity to read and discuss short stories, poetry, and non-fiction pieces relating to various aspects of health and medicine. Assigned readings (provided) will explore a different topic each session: Friends and Family, The Experience of Illness, Disability, and Death and Dying. This is a group participation discussion course.
People love to hear, read, and share stories. Nowadays, it is critical to be able to convey your experiences and stories with a purpose. What makes a great storyteller is when you become the message and deliver your stories with impact. Whether audience is your children, friends, community members, employees, or leaders, the art of storytelling is a proven method that will help you inspire and influence others. In this program, the instructors will demonstrate techniques on how to better share stories that will have an impact on your audience. Students will learn through exercises that aim to build self-confidence and poise, connect with audiences and better express their unique style through storytelling.
This course will be a one-time lecture/image presentation on the history and development of Tansu, Japan's antique cabinetry tradition. Tansu embodies Japanese aesthetics and design, and is of interest to a wide general audience, including woodworkers and designers. These cabinets reflect the efforts of three craftsmen and were used by the merchant, samurai and farmer. They encompass some unique designs, such as the step-chest, a combination of stairs and storage. Tansu represents a furniture tradition not unlike our own colonial cabinetry, and highlight the cultural, political, and economic forces at play in 17th, 18th, and 19th century Japan. Examples of Japanese cabinetry will be on hand, and a discussion of design, construction, and restoration will follow.
The earliest examples of biowarfare. When Europeans invaded the Western Hemisphere, they brought with them far more than gunpowder; Small Pox, Measles and Mumps were also introduced. These three diseases killed more Native Americans than any of the invading forces and ultimately determined the conquest of the Americas. The use of these agents continued right up to modern times and still represent a major concern to health care workers and the military.
Using the journalist's basic approach to reporting news articles (whom, what, where, when, how, and why), plus interactive Q and A classroom discussion, we will analyze the Declaration of Independence from a historical and philosophical (logical) point of view to understand exactly what the document says and how it says it.
The purpose of this hands-on session is to demonstrate and help participants create a "stand alone" movie that can be run automatically with self-created slides, audio, video, automation, and transitions in Microsoft PowerPoint, leading to a ppsx-Read Only file.
Vermiculture or worm farming has many benefits. It is very inexpensive, uses recycled ingredients and helps you grow healthy plants and vegetables. Worm castings or waste is a nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer and soil conditioner. Worms can eat and break down many times their weight in organic materials like apple and banana peels, kitchen waste, and egg shells. Worm bins take up little space and can be kept in or outdoors year round. When properly maintained, they do not smell. In this course, you will learn how to create your own worm farm.