Instructor: Ryan Wheeler

Ryan Wheeler
Ryan is a 2012 CCS Illustration grad currently working at Prop Art Studio to create larger than life sculptures and installations. The mixture of studio skills, such as painting, woodworking, and carving, have merged with digital media (Illustrator, Photoshop, Maya) to provide clients with high quality, durable displays. He has taught drawing classes for five years as an adjunct in the CCS Foundations Department. Drawing I: Rapid Concept, and Drawing II: Style and Skill provide students the necessary skills to become proficient in linear perspective, concept development, anatomy, and visual communication.

Classes by this instructor

In this introductory drawing course, students define the basic methods and principles of appliedvolumetric drawing with perspective and form, and rapid concept development through the visualdescription of imagined and observed objects using line variance, value, and composition.
September 5, 2024 to December 12, 2024, W*209
Solid foundational drawing skills are key to every discipline of art and design. Learn the basic concepts of observational drawing and develop a more volumetric approach. Students will work from live clothed models, still life and reference material.
July 8-26, 2024, T*1014