Instructor: Thomas Carbone

Thomas Carbone
Biography: At CCS:
Tom has been teaching Design, Shoe Making, and Leather Accessories Making, at CCS in the Fashion Accessories Design department since 2015.Tom is also part of the leadership team dedicated to creating FAD Study Abroad lead summer programs, in 2018 and 2022.

Accessories Shoes and Handbags:
"I began my self-directed shoe-making apprenticeship in 2006 and have completed six workshops in the Craft of Shoe Making." His works combine traditional and modern techniques. Early on Tom concentrated on more Theatrical women's shoes but has more recently taken to the challenge of men's shoes and sandals. Shoes are both an aesthetic and an engineering challenge; Tom's unique background suits the task with his many years spent in Product Design, Product Development, and Advanced Engineering, at Chrysler. "It's about taking the goals of the Designer and turning them into reality."

Tom makes and sells tools for the Bespoke Shoe Maker. He is making several dozen tools of his design many made by no one else.

Classes by this instructor

Design, sew and walk away wearing your own handcrafted leather sneakers. Students will learn basic shoe making skills including construction, lasting and industrial sewing. No previous experience necessary. LOCATION: TAUBMAN CENTER
July 29, 2024 to August 2, 2024, T*913A
Create your own brand and design apparel and accessories that captures your aesthetic.
July 8-26, 2024, T*913A