SOLD OUT! SIGN UP FOR A WAITLIST! Get messy and try new things. Spend half of the day working with clay in the ceramics studio and the other half in the sculpture studio exploring the world in three dimensions. New projects every day.

June 24-28, 2024, C*110 AND W*205
SOLD OUT! SIGN UP FOR A WAITLIST! Bring your funny bone and create your own cartoon and comic book characters. Learn how to draw your characters with dynamic facial expressions and gestures that reveal their humorous personalities.

July 8-12, 2024, W*206 and W*009
One Spot Open! Have a blast with hands-on experiments. Make your own paints from minerals and play with light and color. Then enter the world of virtual reality and create in 3D and explore green screen special effects.

July 8-12, 2024, W*015 and W*305
SOLD OUT! SIGN UP FOR A WAITLIST! Picture the perfect bedroom, game room or coffee shop. Students will create a mood board and scale model of their interior design that reflects their personal style.

July 8-12, 2024, W*307
ONLY 1 SEAT LEFT! Explore the color wheel and mix your own colors. Visit the Detroit Institute of Arts for inspiration and experiment with watercolors, acrylics and handmade brushes.

July 8-12, 2024, W*207
SOLD OUT! SIGN UP FOR WAITLIST! Students will work from images of people, places and things to develop and improve drawing skills.

June 24-28, 2024, W*211 and W*213
July 15-19, 2024, W*211
SOLD OUT! SIGN UP FOR A WAITLIST! Learn tricks to taking better pictures in and around CCS and the Detroit Institute of Arts. Take your photos and learn basic editing skills in Photoshop®.

July 15-19, 2024, W*015 and W*017
Block printing, shibori, soft sculpture, weaving and more! Try your hand at fiber art with multiple fabric-based art projects everyday.

July 15-19, 2024, B*307 and B*308
SOLD OUT! SIGN UP FOR A WAITLIST! Create digital designs using color and shape, character drawings or even your own personal logo. Take those designs and learn how to make buttons, stickers, posters and more!

July 15-19, 2024, W*015
SOLD OUT! SIGN UP FOR A WAITLIST! Imagine a character. Is it a monster? An aardvark? Does it jump and dance? Draw your character by hand and then make it move using computer animation software, wacom tablets and pens.

July 22-26, 2024, W*001
SOLD OUT! SIGN UP FOR A WAITLIST! Design the next Bugatti, Ferrari, or Lamborghini! Learn the tricks to drawing vehicles in perspective with correct proportions and accuracy of shape.

July 22-26, 2024, W*206
SOLD OUT! SIGN UP FOR A WAITLIST! Create pictures that tell a story using computers and/or tablets. Develop strong drawings by using composition, color and other illustration fundamentals using the latest software and technology.

July 22-26, 2024, W*009
SOLD OUT! SIGN UP FOR A WAITLIST! Bring your minifigs and have them star in your own movies. Students will work with Legos®, modeling clay and everyday objects to create animated video shorts.

June 24-28, 2024, W*013
July 29, 2024 to August 2, 2024, W*013
Create your own video game map using CCS's state-of-the-art facilities. Explore the game design process from ideation to creating a basic game using Scratch®, Unity®, or Unreal Engine®.

July 22-26, 2024, W*010
Create your own animated cartoon! Make hand drawn images move to produce a short animation. Students can work with hand drawn or computer drawn images.

July 29, 2024 to August 2, 2024, W*008
Try new and innovative ways of making art! Create and reproduce your design through the processes of screen printing, monotypes, cyanotypes, block printing and more. Students will visit the Detroit Institute of Arts for inspiration.

July 29, 2024 to August 2, 2024, W*205