Develop and enhance your hand-drawing and digital-drawing techniques, and apply your skills using computer animation software. Learn how to develop animation through ideation, storyboarding and character development.

July 8-26, 2024, W*006 and W*008
Create 3D digital characters or environments using the software tool set which is quickly becoming the industry leader for the animation, visual effects, motion graphics, product design, automotive design, and video game industries. Investigate the latest industry software and tools to bring your ideas to life.

July 8-26, 2024, T*1011
Second Section Added! Generate characters for a movie, video game or an animated series with complete back stories. Students will create visual representations of these characters and the world that they live in.

July 8-26, 2024, T*606
July 8-26, 2024
Experience the excitement and challenge of the design process while creating new products and designing interior spaces. Createportfolio pieces that are functional, elegant and satisfying.

July 8, 2024 to August 5, 2024, T*1007A
Solid foundational drawing skills are key to every discipline of art and design. Learn the basic concepts of observational drawing and develop a more volumetric approach. Students will work from live clothed models, still life and reference material.

July 8-26, 2024, T*1014
Automotive design course for winners of the Dunning Fellows scholarship.

This course contains no sessions
Create your own brand and design apparel and accessories that captures your aesthetic.

July 8-26, 2024, T*913A
Capture the vibrant people and places that make Detroit unique in still images and video. Experiment with lighting and fashion models in the studio. Work with digital tools, music and sound effects to enhance your projects.

July 8-26, 2024, T*608
Use both digital and hand-drawing techniques to express yourself visually and tell a story. Experimentation is strongly encouraged as students develop their own style using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, chalk pastels and more.

July 8-27, 2024, T*610
Express yourself freely through various media in a supportive environment. Stretch your own canvas and paint with acrylics. Experiment with wheel throwing and hand building ceramics. Design and create your own jewelry.

July 8-26, 2024, C*110, B*304, B*211
Experience the challenge and excitement of designing your own concept car. Learn the fundamentals of gestural sketching and perspective for both interiors and exteriors, as well as how to translate designs into 3D models. You will receive feedback on your vehicle concepts from automotive design professionals.

July 8-26, 2024, T*1012