SELLING OUT FAST! Create your own animated cartoon! Make hand drawn images move to produce a short animation. Students can work with hand drawn or computer drawn images.

June 17-21, 2024, W*008
July 29, 2024 to August 2, 2024, W*008
Visualize, create and wear the most amazing costume ever! Sketch out a design from imagination or reference an existing costume or character. Create a personalized wearable costume without a sewing machine. Show off your costume during a live fashion show at the end of the day on Friday.

July 29, 2024 to August 2, 2024, W*217
Try new and innovative ways of making art! Create and reproduce your design through the processes of screen printing, monotypes, cyanotypes, block printing and more. Students will visit the Detroit Institute of Arts for inspiration.

July 29, 2024 to August 2, 2024, W*205
SELLING OUT FAST! Bring your minifigs and have them star in your own movies. Students will work with Legos®, modeling clay and everyday objects to create animated video shorts.

June 24-28, 2024, W*013
July 29, 2024 to August 2, 2024, W*013