Training Information: CED-0858 - Gas Metal Arc Welding - MIG Advanced

This training will build from MIG Basic and MIG Intermediate. Short circuit, spray and pulsed techniques will be taught.

Students will be able to:
  • Perform groove welds vertical on 1" plate;
  • Welding technique for open root technique on 3/8" plate;
  • Set up a 3/8" plate for a full penetration groove weld for aluminum welding in the flat position;
  • Perform 3/8" plate weld without backing in the flat position
Students that have mastered the above will move onto FCAW Flux Core Welding.

Course Resources
Please contact Molly Willard, Ag Project Manager for additional information and/or questions

 Session Information: T22FY-CED-0858-TCE1 (7 seats (100%) remaining)

Schedule: Every week on weekdays, starting on 09/13/21 and ending on 09/24/21
Times: 04:30pm - 08:30pm
Standard Fee : $2000.00


Name Additional Resources
Tom Owen
Molly Willard

Facility Detail

VTC Advanced Welding Institute
AWI - Welding Lab
2 Green Tree Drive #03
South Burlington, VT 05403