Training Information: CED-0336 - Maximize Your Impact: Transform Early Learning with Developmentally Appropriate Practice

What are the core principles of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) and why do they matter? How do you continuously improve your impact on how children thrive in your classroom? These are the key questions you will explore in this interactive training. During the training, you will define the key components of DAP, use tools for assessing what DAP in various early education settings looks like and gain an enhanced capability for applying DAP every day. This training uses a 2+2+2 training design. There are three parts to this training: 1) a two-hour Online Real Time training session; 2) two-hour assignment practicing or implementing the training material; and 3) another two-hour Online Real Time training session focused on reflection and next steps related to the training material. To receive the full 6 training hours you must attend both Online Real Time training sessions and complete the independent assignment.

Available Sessions

This training contains no sessions