Training Information: CED-0841 - Meat Cutting: Butchering Basics

This training will cover the basics of whole-animal butchery with instruction and hands-on demonstration. Participants will learn how to break down beef, pork, chicken, and lamb into primal, subprime, and case-ready cuts. Value-added processing, such as sausage, smoked hams, and bacon, will also be covered. Emphasis is placed on food safety, sourcing, and maintaining high utilization of whole animals.

Chicken Butchery: This training will include an introduction to HACCP planning. Participants will begin their butchering skills by focusing on chicken fabrication and lamb breakdown. 

Mar 20-21, 2023; or
May 1-2, 2023; or
Oct 2-3, 2023

Pig Butchery: This session focuses on a pig's breakdown and various cuts. Participants will be introduced to value-added products such as sausage making, hams, and bacon. 

Mar 27-28, 2023; or
May 15-16, 2023; or
Oct 16-17, 2023

Beef Butchery: This session will focus on the breakdown and various cuts of a beef half. Participants will practice and feel confident breaking down a half beef into steaks, roasts, stew meat, etc. 

Apr 10-11, 2023; or
Jun 5-6, 2023; or
Oct 23-24, 2023

NOTE FOR ALL DATES: Registration cannot be split between offering dates, i.e., day one of two in one month and day two in another. 

REGISTRATION: Registration closes 2 weeks before the training start date. Any registrations from the initial close up to 5 days before the start will be assessed a $50 late registration fee. No registrations within 5 days of the training.  Any cancelations within 5 days of starting will be assessed a $100 cancelation fee. There will be no refunds given for no-shows.

If you have been awarded a VSAC Advancement Grant - please email for registration information.

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