Training Information: CED-0885 - Shield Metal Arc - SMAW Intermediate

SMAW Intermediate will take students into the advanced positions of vertical up and overhead welding of fillets and full penetration of welds. Stacking of welds in groove welds will be stressed as well as weaving of Full Penetration welds.

Students will be able to:
  • Learn proper angles, fill rate and techniques to make full penetration welds to code;
  • Proper technique and power requirements by using several different size electrodes;
  • Techniques for open root and root pass with backing will be taught;
  • Techniques for structural and bridge codes will be covered
Certification for this training will be all positions, all thickness groove welds, or limited position, all thickness groove welds.

Jobs available for this type of training will be: structural steel fabrication; structural steel erection; bridge building; manufacturing; automotive; shipbuilding; fabrication; plant maintenance; and equipment repair.

Course Resources
Please contact Molly Willard, Ag Project Manager for additional information and/or questions

Available Sessions

May 24, 2021 to June 7, 2021, AWI - Welding Lab (6 seats (60%) remaining)
March 7-18, 2022, AWI - Welding Lab (7 seats (100%) remaining)