Training Information: CED-0878 - Gas Tungsten Arc - TIG Advanced

This training will build from TIG Basic and TIG Intermediate. Stainless techniques will be demonstrated.

Students will be able to:
  • Weld plates using Lap and T joints with instructor guidance until proficient;
  • Weld square and v groove welds open root;
  • Weld in the flat, horizontal, and vertical positions;
  • Weld stringers and walking the cup will be addressed.
Jobs available with TIG welding include aircraft; shipbuilding; steel erection; HVAC; autobody; fabrication; pharma; microchip; maintenance; and piping systems to mention a few.

Course Resources
Please contact Molly Willard, Ag Project Manager for additional information and/or questions

Available Sessions

December 6-17, 2021, AWI - Welding Lab (7 seats (100%) remaining)