Training Information: CED-0850 - Game of Logging

Based on the internationally accepted "Game of Logging" (GOL) developed by Soren Eriksson, our professional instructors teach timber harvesters, forest landowners, public workers, college students, and forestry tech school students the latest and safest techniques to operate/maintain their chainsaws; to directionally fell trees under a variety of circumstances; and to process wood products under compression/tension situations.

Whether you have never used a chainsaw or have 30 years experience in the woods, GOL training is designed to develop safe working skills through demonstration and one-on-one, hands-on practice. GOL training is the industry standard for chainsaw safety training has been adopted by several state and federal agencies, as well as organizations such as the Student Conservation Association, technical career schools, energy companies, federal/state agencies, municipal services, forest landowner associations, and much more. The standard program consists of four levels, each level making up an eight hour day. 

All levels must be taken consecutively. Class size is limited to a maximum of 10 students per instructor.

GOL LEVEL 1 - Precision Felling Techniques: Emergency Planning; Personal Protective Equipment; 5-Point Safety Check; Reactive Forces; Precision Plunge Cutting; 5-Point Felling Plan; Scoring the Stump; Precision Felling Practice

GOL LEVEL 2 - Routine Chainsaw Maintenance; Carburetor Tuneup; Art of Chain Filing; Releasing "Spring Poles" Safely; Precision Felling Practice

GOL LEVEL 3 - Scoring the Chain; Dealing with "Lean" in a Tree; Utilizing Wedges & Shims; Understanding the Compression and Tension; 5-Point Limbing Plan; Limbing Concepts/Techniques; Bucking Techniques; Precision Felling Practice (Side/Back Leaner)

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