Training Information: CED-0346 - Emergency Response Planning for Early Childhood Settings

This training will explore the importance of emergency preparedness in child care settings and strategies for protecting children and staff members in the event of an emergency. Participants will review the Vermont child care regulations regarding emergency response plans and will practice developing a plan specific to their early childhood program.

  • Explain why it is important for child care programs to be prepared for emergencies and disasters and why it is important to practice for emergency disasters
  • Recall examples of the types of emergencies and disasters child care programs should be prepared for
  • Recall examples of what should be included in an emergency response plan and the types of equipment and supplies child care programs need on hand to be prepared for an emergency or disaster
  • Recall how to prepare for the three major types of action a child care program may have to take when there is an emergency or disaster

This training uses a 2+2+2 training design. There are three parts to this training: 1) a two-hour Online Real Time training session; 2) two-hour assignment practicing or implementing the training material; and 3) another two-hour Online Real Time training session focused on reflection and next steps related to the training material. To receive the full 6 training hours you must attend both Online Real Time training sessions and complete the independent assignment.

Available Sessions

This training contains no sessions