Training Information: CED-0108 - Stories of Healing: Supporting Children who have Experienced Trauma

Children who have experienced trauma behave and learn differently because of what they have gone through. This training provides the basic tenets of Trauma Informed Care (TIC) and demonstrates how correlating picture books can be used to initiate conversations about feelings. The overall goal of the training is to help ECEs successfully guide the children in their care as they identify feelings, regulate accompanying emotions, and learn how to use words to communicate with others.

This training meets the Advanced Specialized Care training requirement.This training uses a 2+2+2 training design. There are three parts to this training: 1) a two-hour Online Real Time training session; 2) two-hour assignment practicing or implementing the training material; and 3) another two-hour Online Real Time training session focused on reflection and next steps related to the training material. To receive the full 6 training hours you must attend both Online Real Time training sessions and complete the independent assignment.

Available Sessions

November 4-18, 2021, Northern Lights Online Real Time (No seats currently available, you will be added to the waitlist)