SPED 524: Teaching Methods in Gifted/Talented Education

Methodological and pedagogical approaches for fulfilling the unique academic, intellectual, creative, social, and emotional needs of the more able child in the educational environment. Exploration and analysis of contributing research, theories, and philosophies for designing differentiated learning opportunities from early childhood through adolescence via multiple modes (i.e. Bloom's Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligence's, technologies, multicultural and creative materials, etc.); educational trends through curriculum design and the integration of formal and informal assessment data and national/state standards to create individualized learning goals through curriculum compacting, tiering, acceleration, academic planning, modifications, and mentorships. Exploration and analysis of curriculum models to suit various learning needs of the asynchronous child with multiple forms of exceptionality (LD, ED, ASD, ELL); legal, cultural, and stereotype issues affecting the implementation of enriched curriculum for the G/T child with comorbidities.

Prerequisite: Acceptance to UND Grad School as a degree or non-degree seeking student

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