Brain Injury Courses, Substance Use and Traumatic Brain Injury

Substance Use and TBI will cover the impact a brain injury can have on substance use for individuals. This course is presented in video format and has five modules with a review following each module and a final exam following course completion.

  • Module 1: Problematic Substance Use and Brain Injury
  • Module 2: Talking about and Screening for Susbstance Abuse
  • Module 3: Integrated Care
  • Module 4: Models of Care in Addiction Services
  • Module 5: Case Studies

Upon course completion, learners will be able to describe how brain injury professionals can directly address harmful substance use in their clients and what methods they can use to address the abuse; explain the length of time it can take to address substance use problems and the phases used to approach treatment; list some of the benefits of rehabilitation and ways to support individuals in meeting their personal goals related to their substance use.

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