Brain Injury Courses, Pediatric Care and Traumatic Brain Injury

Pediatric Care and TBI will cover the incidence and prevalence of pediatric brain injury and how to address the needs pediatric patients may require. This course is presented in four video modules with a review following each module and a final exam following course completion.

  • Module 1: Overview of Pediatric Brain Injury
  • Module 2: Cognitive and academic needs of Pediatric Brain Injury patients
  • Module 3: Psychological and Psychiatric consequences and needs of Pediatric TBI patients
  • Module 4: Family and Social consequences and needs of Pediatric TBI patients

Upon course completion, learners will be able to explain the incidence, prevalence, nature of injury and predictors and outcome of pediatric TBI; recognize cognitive impairments and academic needs of pediatric TBI patients; recognize and give strategies for psychological and psychiatric needs of pediatric TBI patients; and explain the family and social impact of TBI on a pediatric case.

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