T&L 2900: Add+Vantage Math Recovery Course II

Add+Vantage MR Course 2 is designed to build upon the knowledge gained through Add+Vantage MR Course 1. AVMR Course 1 is an introduction to the AVMR diagnostic assessment and the Learning Framework in Number. Course 1 addressed the concepts and skills for addition and subtraction, number words and numerals and structuring numbers. A primary focus of Course 1 was the "unitary" aspects of the Learning Framework in Number. AVMR Course 2 will examine the concepts and skills needed for a child to move from a "unitary" understanding of number to a "composite" understanding of number. The topics associated with this shift from "unitary" understanding to "composite" understanding include place value and multiplication and division.

 Session Details

Schedule: Contact the IOR for session start and end times.
Attached Credit (2 credit, S/U grade) : $100.00 (Coupon Required)

Cancellation Policy

If UND receives the Course Withdrawal Form 7 or more calendar days before the learning event start date, the fee paid to UND Professional Development for Educators minus a $35 processing fee will be refunded. If the fee paid to UND is less than $100 the processing fee will be waived. NO REFUNDS are available if a withdrawal notification is received 6 or less calendar days before the learning event start date.

Instructor or Facilitator

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Jill Leier