T&L 2900: The Social Emotional Alphabet - The ABC's of Making EVERY day the BEST day for EVERY Child

Every letter of the Social Emotional Alphabet represents a practical and powerful strategy to help our kids who have been traumatized, feel misunderstood, or take frequent detours from what's expected. Leave with more than 26 SEL strategies to build relationships with every child regardless of behavior.

Heidy LaFleur is a vibrant, positive and common sense leader with explosive passion for helping people understand trauma & behavior. She is a forever teacher, former school administrator and most importantly, a mother who has lived through a life-changing trauma with her family. Her goal is to spread her Social Emotional Alphabet with the world which consists of 26+ practical strategies to make al kids feel successful - especially those who've been traumatized, are misunderstood & those who take frequent detours from what's expected.
With her personal experience being the foundation of her work with anxiety, depression and response to behavior, she has worked with hundreds of students in need of an understanding, positive and compassionate adult in their lives. Heidy's undergraduate studies were in Elementary Education at Drake University where she earned a full volleyball scholarship. Her graduate work in Educational Leadership took place at Northeastern Illinois University. She has authored Hop on the Clue Bus - A Common Sense Guide to Leadership & Hop on the Clue Bus

A Common Sense Guide to Conquering Teacher Evaluation. Her latest book, THOSE KIDS, published in 2020, is Heidy's passion project that tells her story and offers powerful strategies to build, maintain & nurture relationships with our kids. She was awarded the Double D Award from Drake University which is the highest honor bestowed on alumni student-athletes for work in their field of study, as well as the John P. McGovern M.D. Award for Lectureship in School Health. Heidy is a grateful wife of a firefighter/paramedic and proud mother of three beautiful children.

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