ART 2900: Charcoal Pours and Wire Drawing Workshop with Karen Knutson

Karen Knutson is the primary art instructor for this workshop. Karen teaches workshops nationwide in watercolor, collage, and acrylic. 

Her workshops are filled with techniques to make painting fun and easy. She believes that painting should be fun, but also teaches a strong sense of design. 

Day 1, students will learn about charcoal pours.
Day 2, students will paint and collage
Day 3, students will paint landscapes

Information and application can be found on the Badlands Arts Association website:

 Session Details (4 seats (40%) remaining)

Schedule: Contact the IOR for session start and end times.
Attached Credit (1 credit, S/U grade) : $50.00

Cancellation Policy

If UND receives the Course Withdrawal Form 7 or more calendar days before the learning event start date, the fee paid to UND Professional Development for Educators minus a $35 processing fee will be refunded. If the fee paid to UND is less than $100 the processing fee will be waived. NO REFUNDS are available if a withdrawal notification is received 6 or less calendar days before the learning event start date.

Instructor or Facilitator

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Darla Hueske