T&L 2900: Discipline with Dignity (Book Study)

This text "provides in-depth guidance for implementing a proven approach to classroom management that can help students make better choices and teachers be more effective. Emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and self-control, the authors offer specific strategies and techniques for building strong relationships with disruptive students and countering the toxic social circumstances that affect many of them, including dysfunctional families, gangs, and poverty." This is a 1-credit professional development course.

PLEASE NOTE: Students enrolling in this course will need to contact the instructor, Erik Kolb, at instructorkolb@gmail.com for additional enrollment instructions. The instructor will collect a $30 instruction fee. This course is provided in Google Classroom.

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Schedule: Contact the IOR for session start and end times.

Cancellation Policy

If UND receives the Course Withdrawal Form 7 or more calendar days before the learning event start date, the fee paid to UND Professional Development for Educators minus a $35 processing fee will be refunded. If the fee paid to UND is less than $100 the processing fee will be waived. NO REFUNDS are available if a withdrawal notification is received 6 or less calendar days before the learning event start date.

Instructor or Facilitator

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Erik Kolb