T&L 2900: VIR: Equity, Biases, and Critical Thinking in the Classroom

Equity, Biases, and Critical Thinking in the Classroom is designed to challenge one's thinking. Educators will explore the concept of equity vs equality and how it affects the actions we take in our classrooms and schools. Our actions and the actions that we allow others to take in our classrooms and schools speak volumes to students. They want and need a learning environment that is free of oppression and provides opportunity for them to be successful no matter the place they started. Participants will work through how biases and stereotypes can unconsciously affect our actions and cause harm to the learning environment. We will explore activities and ways that we can promote a positive learning culture. We will learn how the digital divide and digital literacy play a role in a student's ability to think critically and be future-ready. Critical thinking is an essential skill that needs to be learned and developed in school. The course explores various higher order thinking skills that can be used immediately in the classroom to get students to ask questions, monitor for meaning, draw conclusions, create mental images, problem solve, and so much more. Participants will also engage in activities that help to identify fake news sources, misleading websites, and media bias. Knowing the source is power. We will wrap up the course with looking at the pros and cons of teachers sharing their personal stance on controversial topics and how it might affect the learning environment.

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