T&L 2900: MC: Northern Prairie Grazing Lands Ecology Workshop 2021

This workshop provides an opportunity for teachers to apply scientific concepts to land management and wildlife habitats in grazed grassland ecosystems at a working ranch.  Prior to the face-to-face learning event, four online lectures/discussion sessions will review science concepts relevant to regenerative agriculture in North Dakota grasslands.  The goal of the workshop is to advance application of science and hands-on learning to practical agricultural management while meeting the needs of the curriculum.

The face-to-face learning event is scheduled for June 5, 2021 at a ranch north of the town of Turtle Lake, North Dakota.  We will visit and survey habitats located within a grazed grassland.  A tractor-driven wagon will be available for those with difficulty walking.  Water and portal-potties will be available, but participants will be responsible for their own lunches.  Camping on site is available the evening before the event for those traveling from distant locations.

 Session Details

Schedule: Contact the IOR for session start and end times.
Only 20 days left to register!
Attached Credit (1 credit, S/U grade) : $50.00

Cancellation Policy

If UND receives the Course Withdrawal Form 7 or more calendar days before the learning event start date, the fee paid to UND Professional Development for Educators minus a $35 processing fee will be refunded. If the fee paid to UND is less than $100 the processing fee will be waived. NO REFUNDS are available if a withdrawal notification is received 6 or less calendar days before the learning event start date.


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