T&L 2900: ONL: Middle School Strategies

Gain a greater understanding of the middle school curriculum and instructional strategies as well as the needs of early adolescent students. The focus will be on the roles teachers play in incorporating a guided, interdisciplinary, collaborative team approach that assists students during these fundamentally transformative years.

You will review the necessary components of organization (teaming, advisor/advisee, exploratory, learning communities) and instruction (cooperative learning, student grouping, teacher strategies, and student learning styles) that create a unique middle school environment.

Through this online course, you will:

  • develop an interdisciplinary unit that integrates content across curricular areas.
  • identify and plan a lesson regarding the characteristics of middle school children.
  • identify curriculum areas and philosophical concepts that meet the physical, social, intellectual, and effective needs of the early adolescent.
  • create a plan to utilize a variety of instructional strategies and assessments that meet the needs of the early adolescent.

This course applies to the voluntary Middle School Endorsement Requirements as stated by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board.

Please refer to the Course Resource document above for more course information (requirements, grading, etc.).

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Middle School Strategies (Course at a Glance) (PDF Document)

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