T&L 2900: VIR: Using Android Devices in Education

Android devices are quickly becoming among the most innovative & exciting technology based teaching tools to become widely available in years. Many schools across the country have purchased Android tablets for their students, however comprehensive & essential device training to properly utilize the full power of these new platforms & their best educational apps is not available. This eCourse provides invaluable, targeted step-by-step instruction & practical exercises on how to use & implement Android systems & recommended educational apps. Not only does this eCourse show teachers how to use Tablets, it also teaches them how to integrate the new Core Standards into daily lessons which will enhance & enrich your teaching experience. Additionally, teachers will learn how to create lessons using their Android device & the best apps to individualize & differentiate lessons like never before.

This course will focus on:

  • Android devices and systems and how they work in a classroom setting.
  • Applications and how they reflect the Core Standards and learning outcomes.
  • How to incorporate Android into your daily lesson plans and thematic units.
  • How to use Android for assessment.
  • What can the Android based classroom look like.
  • What are the benefits to students in all educational arenas.
  • Practical assignments where you can create lessons and classroom contents you can use within your day to day teaching.

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DLT_Using Android Devices in Education (PDF Document)

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