Brain Injury Courses, Cognitive and Behavioral Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury in Adults

Cognitive and Behavioral Consequences of TBI in Adults will give learners an understanding of what may happen to adults cognitively and behaviorally after they expereience a TBI. This course involves four modules:

  • Module 1: TBI Basic Information
  • Module 2: Cognitive Effects of Adult TBI
  • Module 3: Cognitive Recovery in Adult TBI and Recommendations to Address Cognitive Deficits
  • Module 4: Emotional and Behavioral Functioning after a TBI

Upon course completion, learners will be able to describe the types and severity of injury to know what should be expected in terms of patient functioning, assess premorbid characteristics and rule-out other sources of patient dysfunction, explain the cognitive strategies to utilize with patients; prepare for deficits in attention, memory, processing speed and executive functioning. Learners should also be able to set up behavioral plans to compensate for cognitive and determine what psychological tool to use with adults with TBI, as well as evaluate for mood disorders common after TBI, assess family functioning and patient support and treat mood disorders. This course is presented in a video format with reviews following each module. Upon course completion, a final exam is given.

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