Instructor: Andrea Guthridge

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Classes by this instructor

Discover how to efficiently create assignments in Blackboard while designing an effective space for students to submit assignments. Topics include creating rubrics and linking them to assignments, and setting up SafeAssign to check for unoriginal content.
Monday, May 16, 2022, Zoom
Group work within a course can be challenging. Utilizing Blackboard Groups helps you handle these potential complications, while managing expectations and reducing member conflict. Additionally, discussions regarding best practices, innovative grading, and pedagogical advantages will help to demonstrate what Blackboard Groups can do for you!
Thursday, May 26, 2022, Zoom
Designed for instructors who are new to Blackboard, this workshop will guide participants through the basic tasks and decisions required to set up a course in Blackboard, such as posting an announcement, adding a syllabus, and including your contact information.
Wednesday, May 18, 2022, Zoom
Create Blackboard online tests and surveys to measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students. Learn how to select and create effective questions, as well as distribute the test with the appropriate settings. Discussion will include the differences between auto-graded questions and instructor-graded questions, and the availability of test scores in the Blackboard Grade Center.
Wednesday, May 25, 2022, Zoom