Instructor: Calina Krogen

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Classes by this instructor

This comprehensive course takes a look at why reading is so difficult for students in Unit 1 of LETRS. They break it into 8 sessions that include online, reading and on-site facilitation of learning for all eight sessions.
November 1, 2022 to June 1, 2023
In Unit 2 of LETRS, staff will be learning about phonological skill development and how it relates to spelling and reading. It will also dig into the vowel phonemes in English and dialects. It is an eight session course that requires 5 hours of online learning, 4 hours of reading and 3 hours of onsite training.
December 1, 2022 to June 1, 2023
In Unit 3 of LETRS students will learn about Ehri's Phases in order to create lessons that are structured based on the phase the student is in. Students will also be learning about the code of reading and how spelling dictation supports learning the code for reading. They will also dig into the utilization of decodable texts in this unit.
February 20, 2023 to September 1, 2023
In Unit 4 of LETRS students will be digging into advanced word study. They will be learning about phoneme-grapheme correspondence and how to teach syllables. They will also be introduced to morphology and how other languages have impacted our English language.
May 1, 2023 to November 1, 2023