ART 2900: Art & Italy

This ART 2900 credited course will take Art Teachers on an Educational Art Virtual Tour of Italy. Teachers will then reflect and create an original Italian inspired work of art including an artist statement. This experience will add to professional learning and will improve classroom practice in many ways. John Dewey states "creativity is the highest form of organized thought. The school is not a single-purpose institution with a well-defined purpose, it is rather a multipurpose social institution connected to and related to the society of which it is part." He is saying that you do not have to stay with the four walls of the schools that separate us from the rest of culture and society, rather open the doors to the larger society, the community. I believe the best way to learn is to be directly placed where the subject is that you are learning. We all remember field trips and motion pictures better than lectures and conversations. Travel has kicked open the doors to this multipurpose social institution. Art Teachers will be retaining all the Italian Art and Architecture through a virtual tour and making their own Italian work of Art.  

Participants must email Mrs. Jamie Worden for the syllabi. 

Available Sessions

This offering currently has no open sessions available for registration