Aerospace Physiology Training: Two-Day/High Altitude Fixed Wing Course

Aerospace Physiology Training is highly recommended for professional flight crews and general aviation pilots by the FAA, NTSB, CAA and IBAC. This training is essential in understanding the many inflight contingencies which may affect those who fly either for a living or pleasure. Many companies lay claim to providing "altitude physiology" or "hypoxia awareness" training. The simple fact is that UND Aerospace specializes and focuses each course for your specific mission - something no one else does. Our courses are the only ones specifically designed for the corporate and commercial flight mission, exceeding the FAR 61.31 physiology requirements for high altitude flight and exceeding all physiological knowledge recommendations contained in AC 61-107A. 

Our professional aircrew physiology courses are recognized as some of the best training of its kind in the world. This training includes: 
  • Eight hours of academics
  • FL250 Hypoxia/Night Vision Demonstration Chamber Flight
  • Rapid Decompression Chamber Flight
  • Enhanced Vision Lab
  • Spatial Disorientation Lab

Available Sessions