2022 Summer Reading Camp

The Summer Reading Camp is designed to help children who are experiencing difficulties with reading and writing. Their needs are assessed by knowledgeable teachers who then plan and implement a program to meet each child's particular needs. In this relaxed and pleasant environment, children can feel free to take risks as they develop their skills.

UND Summer Reading Camp is designed for children entering 1st through 7th grade in the upcoming fall. It is intended to support students who may lack motivation, confidence and success with literacy experiences, or who need improvement in areas such as decoding/phonics to unlock unknown words, fluency to read smoothly with appropriate pace, vocabulary development, and overall comprehension of written text.

The Summer Reading Camp is designed to promote literacy development of struggling readers and writers. In addition, the program serves as clinical practicum for undergraduates majoring in Elementary Education and graduates enrolled in the Reading Education Master's program.

During the Summer Reading Camp, teachers assess and instruct children using a variety of research-based tools and techniques. Emphasis is placed on addressing the learning needs of each individual child in an engaging and relaxed atmosphere, so that children can feel free to take risks and develop more varied and successful strategies for reading and writing.

Available Sessions