2022 North Dakota Geospatial Summit - Participant Registration

The North Dakota Geospatial Summit started out as GIS Day in 2001. Since that time it has grown in attendance and in recent past it has been held every other year as the North Dakota GIS Users Conference. Reflecting the dynamic and widening geospatial field but not losing sight of the foundation continuing to be built upon by geospatial professionals, in 2019 the event was renamed to the North Dakota Geospatial Summit.

The North Dakota Geospatial Summit is THE event in North Dakota for you if you can check one or more of these:

  • I'm a grizzled veteran with decades of GIS experience
  • I've used GIS data and software for years
  • I'm new to this geospatial stuff
  • I myself do not work with geospatial things but I work with people who do and I'd like to learn more
  • I'm a system administrator, dealing with servers, software, databases that directly and indirectly touch geospatial technology
  • I integrate maps and analyses into my work
  • I'd sure like to figure out how the new technologies and buzzwords will help or hinder me
  • I work for a company that provides geospatial technology, support and services

Aware that organizations are faced with shrinking budgets and resources, the planning committee will focus on providing you with substantial value at the North Dakota Geospatial Summit.

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Available Sessions