T&L 2900: VIR: Intercultural Communication: What We Need To Know To Encourage Civil Discourse In Our Daily Lives

This course introduces students to communication among people from diverse cultures. Intercultural communication is a negotiated understanding of meaning in human experiences across social systems and societies.

Class activities will include discussions with the professor and experiential learning. Do not hesitate to e-mail me if you have questions or concerns about the class. Your ideas, input, and insights will make your class experiences more meaningful. Thus, they are both valued and appreciated. Even though this is an online class, you are expected to participate and to be engaged.

The focus is theoretical, and course assignments and discussions are designed for application to your everyday encounters with people from diverse cultures. The course will enable students to focus on history as an investigative process and will provide theoretical foundations to better understand the complexity of the issues surrounding race, gender, and sexual orientation.

This course is intended to: a) make you aware of the range and variations in the ways we communicate with one another; and b) improve our communication skills in order to enrich and improve relations between people.

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CEA_Intercultural Communication: What We Need to Know To Encourage Civil Discourse In Our Daily Lives (PDF Document)

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